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Arrivederci, Europa (See you later)

I’m jumping ahead to today as we wait to go to Malpensa airport after two days in Busto Arsizio, just north of Milan. Another day, I will catch up on Borneo and Qatar. My tablet app does not let me … Continue reading

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RTW01 1980-81

In 1980, my company, NCR Comten, sent me to NCR Japan for software support of the first installations of our Networking Communications Processor.  Recently, a reply to my comment in Cook the Beans blog reminded me of that trip and … Continue reading

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Stops Along the Way

After reuniting with Wife’s family in Tapah, Malaysia, we began what has turned out to be an epic journey in less than four weeks.  I hope a timeline helps me make some sense out of this. Feb 14-16 Petaling Jaya, a … Continue reading

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San Marino: Quirky Republic

The Republic of San Marino is the world’s smallest republic. Neither is it a member of the European Union nor does it belong to the Eurozone.  Yet, it is entirely surrounded by the European Union (Italy) and uses the Euro … Continue reading

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Rome wasn’t walked in a day

But it was walked in two. From Addis Ababa we flew to Rome for a two day stopover before heading to Eastern Europe.  The plan was to rest the first day, and explore the second.  Our flight left a little … Continue reading

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Reblog of the Case for Bad Coffee

A friend of mine shared the article below on LinkedIn. As my blog and facebook account attests, I have drunk many cups of coffee and tea in many different shops and many different locales around the world. The Case For … Continue reading

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c_in_b (version 2)

I’m c_in_b (chained in the basement) no more.  My display name now refers to the preferred morning drink in Triestino, c(apo) in b.  I have referred to this in other posts not realizing the perfect solution to my display name … Continue reading

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Wireless / Rootless in Trieste

I use an iPad for my meanderings around the city. Four weeks ago I went to a mobile shop and obtained a pay as you go mini sim using the WIND service. TIM is the other service. It is operated … Continue reading

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Cloudy Days

After almost three weeks of sunny days starting in Marseille, France, one begins to believe that they will never end.  On arriving last Wednesday in Trieste at 22:00 from Lugano, our illusions were chastened.  We got off the local bus … Continue reading

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Another panorama or the last picture.

I just can’t resist capturing the views from Trieste during my morning walks. This morning I just kept walking up and up into the hills behind the main hospital, finally viewing the bay in the distance. Tuesday, we go up … Continue reading

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Two Weeks in Trieste

It is now just over two weeks since we arrived in the Stazione Centrale on the first warm day of the season.  It appears the real summer weather began on our arrival.  The last few days saw thunderstorms and the … Continue reading

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Getting Things Done – Redux

The redux in the title refers the resurgence of times past.  Last Tuesday, we caught the early train out of Trieste for Milano.  This is both a trial run for next week to Lugano and a visit to the Swiss … Continue reading

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