Stairways to Amman

From Ankara, we flew Pegasus Low Cost Airline to Amman, Jordan.  It was a bit chaotic getting checked in.  The agent was very efficient once he saw just one bag to check and all our papers in order.

Amman streets are wonderful for exploring ancient Roman, Greek, and Ottoman temples, fountains, and other ruins all in the shadow of the Amman Citadel (see banner). Our place had a beautiful view of the old city which was walking distance away.

I love how the streets and neighborhoods are connected by stairways.  I wish I would have started photographing them from the first day. These are mostly in our neighborhood.

After Burma, Mongolia, and Turkey, it was finally very easy to get vegan food. I enjoyed it all in many delicious restaurants: Falafel, Baba Ganoush, Homous, all the different breads, olive oil, Fuul. The doctor in Ankara said, “No meat, no dairy.” I’m allergic to eggs.  On the positive side, this Vegan diet is showing positive results in controlling joint pain.  Keeping my fingers crossed carefully.

Just one today: Who is more interesting: Gertrude Bell or Thomas E Lawrence?

Answers from previous post:

  1. In the meat section Turkey is called Hindi. (It’s complicated why English calls the bird turkey.  Basically, the birds came to England by way of Spanish traders who said they came from Turkey because some of the birds came from Madagascar by way of North Africa (then under the Ottoman empire).
  2. Bruce Wayne of course likes the South Eastern city of Turkey called: Batman.
  3. Demre is the ancient Greek city of Myra where Saint Nicholas lived. Patron Saint of Amsterdam – Sinterklaas, known as Santa Claus.
  4. Hard decision.  Mount Ararat lies about halfway between the two.