A Month in Malta

We spent four weeks in Malta, living in the Sliema district across the bay from historical Valletta city. Malta is the smallest country of the European Union. Daughter met up with us for three weeks on her Summer break from University. Initially, we wondered if we would run out of activities, but Malta has so much history and so much variety of experiences.  Here are my highlights.  I was aiming to post only five pictures, but I just could not choose from all our experiences.  We really enjoyed every day there.

Two things I carry with me:

  1. Maltese is a Semitic language related to Arabic but written using Roman Alphabet.  Contrast with South African Afrikaans, a Germanic Language written originally with Arabic script.
  2. Mdina and other old cities have many narrow twisty streets.  This was to confuse invading pirates. The narrow, curved streets near the Taksim Area of Istanbul serve the same purpose for protestors trying to avoid the riot police.


Here are some travel hints.  We took one of the hop-on-hop-off tours around the north island.  We learned a few things and saw a lot of places even though the experience could be a lot better.  Sliema is so convenient to the Valletta Ferry and bus connections around the islands.  We bought several twelve trip Talinga Bus cards, one card can be used for three people.  These took us all over, even to the Gozo Ferry. There is a Talinga smart phone app that was amazingly accurate in providing realtime bus arrival times at the stops near us.

The Gozo Ferry is interesting.  You only pay when you return.