Port Moresby Trepidation

After the Solomons, we headed for Papua, New Guinea. I have researched the principal city, Port Moresby, over the years. There are a lot of admonitions, warnings on safety, and sensational headlines about public safety. On the other hand, it offers a gateway to some very interesting highland experiences.  Air Niugini had the most reasonable flights so we stopped for four days to explore the city. We booked the Holiday Inn Express which is about equidistant from the airport, the city center at the port, and the Nature Park. It was a pretty amazing trip. Port Moresby is a spread out city so nothing is really close. We practiced the usual drill when we went out: Valuables in the safe, small cash and passport copy in the pocket, a credit card and big bills on the body, no wedding ring or watch, and home before night fall.  We met the most kind and friendly people on the streets and in the PMVs (Public Motor Vehicles – basically your minibus van – they are all marshrutka to me). The PMV conductors made sure they understood where we were going, indicated where to get out, and sometimes asked a passenger to get us on the next bus. As I kept my phone out of sight, most of my pictures come from the port and the nature park.  Walking around a number of local neighborhoods was interesting but not photogenic. For now, here are some impressions.

We got our chance to try local food in the parking lot behind the downtown shopping center. Many local women set out homemade food that they sell to the office workers. Wife tried the local fried fish,  and helped me with cassava boiled with coconut, and vegetarian stew.

I’m thinking we need to head up to the highlands for our next trip.