Not that Zealand, This Zealand

I can’t believe the travel we completed the last week of August.

Here is a selection of photos. (WordPress mostly puts them in order.)

And some more:


Our route from Georgia:

Atlanta – Istanbul – Copenhagen/Norrebro – Torshavn, Faroe Islands – Copenhagen/Malmo Sweden – Doha, Qatar – Auckland, New Zealand

Normally, we would not take such long flights but there are not many options when going to New Zealand. Another factor was that both Turkish Airlines and Qatar Airlines had offers that made the price almost as low as flying the direct route through Los Angeles. Additionally, we got a chance to visit the Faroe Islands, ticking off another autonomous region in Europe. Qatar Airways offered a nice discount on a stopover stay at the Souk Waqif Boutique Hotels in the old market. Our stays around Copenhagen gave us the chance to discover the dynamic neighborhood of Norrebro of Copenhagen and Malmo, Sweden connected by train directly to the Copenhagen Airport.

The 16 hour flight from Doha to Auckland was simply long. Compression socks were life savers. Malmo really needs another visit for a week or more.

New Zealand was originally named after the Netherlands province of Zeeland. The derivation of Zealand, the most populous island of Denmark is not clear.

It was worth it, we had an appointment with Daughter in Auckland. Having coffee at the Remedy just off Queen Street.


A Little bit of Doha

On our way to Busto Arsizio in January, we stopped off for a couple of days in Qatar.  January is a good time to visit the Gulf States.  Many of the national airlines offer good discounts or stopover deals and the weather is in the mid 20s° C (70s° F).  A year ago, Wife picked up a great deal (truly last minute – bought in Switzerland at 1 PM, on the flight by 9 PM) on Oman Airlines round trip flight from Milan to Kuala Lumpur.  This January, we really enjoyed the service on Qatar airlines and the included stopover in Doha.

We stayed on the edge of the old quarter.  At the airport, we were sold 24 hour day tickets instead of the individual bus ticket.  This got us out and about walking around the Pearl development in the north and exploring some of the commercial areas.  The first day we hiked over to the Museum of Islamic Art by the Port.  It was free and there were a great variety of exhibits.

Here is just a taste.

Some things we didn’t get a photo of:

  1. Pets were not allowed in the restaurant we went for lunch.  A teenage boy tethered his falcon on the perch at the entrance.
  2. The honorary camel corps went by during their morning training.
  3. At night, the souk comes alive with locals and visitors enjoying the cooler air and street watching.

The images of Emir Tamim_bin_Hamad_Al_Thani are displayed everywhere.  It is an interesting time politically, both in the region and internationally for Qatar.

After slowing down bit in Kuala Lumpur, I hope to get a couple more posts out about Chinese New Year in Perth Australia and walking trails in Kuala Lumpur.