Kandy is Sweet, Back to Mount Lavinia

I can’t resist the title for the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka.  We see many of new places, but in Kandy I had a new experience. We went walking in the Udawatta Kele Forest Sanctuary.  See the photo of the giant liana.  I don’t remember touching any greenery or leaving the path. On the way down after seeing other hikers checking their legs, I found a leech had attached itself to the back of my thigh.  Wife who has experience with these things, grabbed a stick and knocked it off.

After Kandy, we returned to Colombo staying south of the city in Mt. Lavinia.  I’m not sure how many seashore pictures my considerate audience can handle.  Here are a few.

Walking along Hotel Road in Mt. Lavinia, I began to remember my trip back in 1987.  I think, I was returning to Japan after two weeks doing computer network support in Saudi Arabia. I was able to book stopovers in Sri Lanka and Korea on the return.

PIA, Pakistan Airlines picked up passengers in Sri Lanka on their route from Karachi to Seoul, Korea.  I don’t know why the airport near Mt. Lavinia was used instead of the main airport north of Colombo. I remember very tight security.  When I left, I was frisked entering the airport, going through immigration and customs, entering the boarding area, and finally, on entering the airplane.

Answers from previous post:

  1. Kottu – Paratha or roti bread chopped up with other ingredients and stir fried in oil.  All the vegetarian ones we found used egg or cheese, so I only tried pieces of the paratha on wife’s plate.
  2. Hoppers and String Hoppers are breakfast dishes.  The first are crepes formed in a bowl shape usually with an egg and maybe other delights inside.  String hoppers are soft white noodles served with curry.
  3. Wood apple is a pungent fruit similar to a passion fruit in tecture with a tough skin.  We had both wood apple fruit and juice.
  4. Arthur C Clark, author and scientist, emigrated from England to Ceylon in 1956.  Ceylon became Sri Lanka in 1972.  He co-wrote 2001: A Space Odyssey in 1968.

Things to know:

  1. What is the best prevention and removal of leeches?
  2. What does my wife always carry for first aid?
  3. What famous temple did we miss in Kandy?

Leaving Tunis – Arriving Colombo

We left Tunis on a rainy day.  It started with me standing on the main street corner trying to hail a taxi.  One let out riders just across from me.  I zipped over, confirmed he would take me to airport, jumped in, and gave him broken directions in French to our hotel on the back streets where Wife waited under an awning.  At the airport I tried to change back my Tunisian Dinars.  Impossible without a receipt from a bank exchange. My ATM receipt was not accepted.  It’s not the first time ending up with extra cash.  We bought snacks and the international edition of the New York Times (I miss the International Herald Tribune).  The cleaning staff received the remaining dinars.

We flew Emirates Airline arriving in the evening in Dubai.  After a two hour stopover, we boarded our flight to Colombo, Sri Lanka, arriving at 7 am. Many years ago (maybe 1987 or 1988) I visited Colombo, but nothing looks familiar.

We stayed in Colombo for a week visiting some of the historic areas.


We left Colombo by train.  We took second class in the intercity express as first was totally booked.  We had reserved seats. Not the same experience as the packed commuter train shown in the banner.

Answers from previous post:

  1. Hannibal was born in Tunis. During the Second Punic War, led an army with war elephants through Spain, over the Pyrenees, then over the Alps to attack Italy.
  2. Claudia Cardinale. She did speak Sicilian as her father came from Sicily.  In 1967, she was my favorite Italian Actress. She is well known for her roles in The Pink Panther and Felini’s , but my favorite is Fitzcaraldo, opposite Klaus Kinski.

Time for Trivia:

  1. Besides being famous for tea, Sri Lanka is known for these famous dishes.  Guess what they are? Kottu, Hoppers, String Hoppers, Woodapple.
  2. What does 2001: A Space Odyssey have to do with Sri Lanka. (No, it’s not about Zoroaster – answer 4).