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Caught by Nostalgia

A lot of emails come through the various mailboxes I monitor. Today, one came through from Citybike Wien with a newsletter announcing their Advent Calendar. The charming graphic reminded me of wonderful days we spent in November 2015 wandering around … Continue reading

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On to Ankara

We spent the first week of September in Ankara, capital of Turkey.  With a lot of planning and organizing to do, there was only one day for serious exploring.  It was a clear day, so we headed to Ankara Castle.  … Continue reading

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Moda Days, Back from Baku

We returned to the Asia side of Istanbul on returning from Baku, Azerbaijan.  This time we stayed in the heart of the upmarket neighborhood of Moda in the Kadıköy district. Cats are popular here, too.  Here are some that try … Continue reading

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Reincarnated in Şişli

After our time in Mongolia, we continued west for another go round in Istanbul.  This must make seven times we have visited, but the first time to spend time in summer. Walking the streets and snapping photos of cats put … Continue reading

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Cyprus -There is hope

We packed up our bags in Cape Town. After a month of contemplating, here are some thoughts on our trip to Cyprus. Continue reading

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Rize, the land of Chai: It’s all in the Samovar

Black tea is called Chai in Russia, throughout the Balkans, and throughout Turkey.  In Turkish it is written Çay, in Russian Чай. This is not the Indian spiced milk and tea mixture.  This is the clear tea brewed strong to … Continue reading

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Into the Pontic Mountains, Mosques with Snow

Since Izmir, we have traveled by bus routes bordered by snow swept mountains.  The weather has been cool with lows around freezing and highs varying from 5° C (41° F) to 15° C (59° F).  After leaving Sivas for Erzurum, … Continue reading

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Following our Heart to Heart (Continuing through Turkey)

We left Mediterranean Izmir for the continental climate of Konya and the Cappadocia region of Turkey. We are overwhelmed by the experience. We have taken so many pictures at each turn, it is hard to decide among them. Unfortunately, some … Continue reading

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Among the Ruins of Izmir

We left cold Istanbul and came south for an early taste of Spring.  The first two days, we stayed near the city center and explored both old and new.  Over three thousand years, Izmir saw the Hittite civilization, the Greek … Continue reading

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Street Art in Kadıköy (Article from Gazete Kadıköy)

Originally posted on İstanbul'da ne var?:
Recently, I stumbled across an article in Gazete Kadıköy which had an interesting article on Street Art coming to Kadıköy, Istanbul. I decided to translate this article as well as go to view the street art…

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The Largest Mosque of Istanbul

Süleymaniye Mosque I have a hard time taking photographs that capture the atmosphere of a Mosque or Cathedral.  There is a mystical atmosphere in the filtered light, the acoustics below a dome, and the believers mixed with the curious.  I … Continue reading

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Appointment in Istanbul

After leaving Daughter at Franklin U in Lugano, Switzerland in August, we have journeyed down the Balkans.  It was fulfilling on many levels as we discovered new freedoms, new cultures, new friends bordered by our daily life.  On Saturday, December … Continue reading

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Feeling Safe

The old man sits at the window after his morning walk. In a philosophical mood, he assays the traveling of his life. For him there is always that anxiety coming to a different country. Even though he visited France twenty … Continue reading

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Digital Books / Digital Museums

I have just completed the book, The Museum of Innocence, by the Turkish author and Nobel Prize winner, Orhan Pamuk. This book arrived electronically from the Hennepin County Library. My interest in the narrator is in the descriptions of people … Continue reading

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