Island Hopping: Efate and Guadalcanal

After Fiji, we headed over for a stop at Vanuatu and then on to the Solomon Islands. This is another post of ports, bays, and tropical skies. Both Vanuatu and Solomon are known for beaches and diving. Since I need to abstain from running into the surf and swimming against currents, both those activities are now off limits. Instead we hiked all over the place, occasionally picking up supplies for our meals in the Central Markets.  Sometimes we even rousted ourselves up by dawn to take advantage of the cooler temps. Other days, I had to have my parasol out against the unrelenting tropical sun.

Port Vila on Efate Island of the country of Vanuatu is the major hub for international airlines. It lies on a peninsula between an ocean bay and a lagoon. As two cyclones in the last 40 years have resulted in massive damage to buildings, there is not really a historic architecture. Local transportation was accomplished by share taxis. There is a fixed price and we just identified a landmark close to our destination.


Here are photos from our flight between the islands.

Honiara is the Federal District of the Solomon Islands on Guadalcanal Island. During World War II, Guadalcanal was the scene of a major campaign over six months. Modern Honiara has grown up around the original Henderson Field airbase that was the center of the Guadalcanal fighting. The International Airport now resides where the airbase was. With not much in the way of architecture, we hiked around the city, checked out the central market and took a couple of buses down the coast.