On to Ankara

We spent the first week of September in Ankara, capital of Turkey.  With a lot of planning and organizing to do, there was only one day for serious exploring.  It was a clear day, so we headed to Ankara Castle.  A taxi took us to the neighborhood and we walked through the old town streets up to the entrance.  Climbing up on the walls revealed views of the sprawling city.  They don’t capture the feel of the shops and the Saturday morning activity.

Here are some random trivia and jokes:

  1. What is turkey (the bird) in Turkish (Why does English call the fowl turkey anyway)?
  2. What is Bruce Wayne’s favorite city in Turkey?
  3. How is the southern city of Demre in Antalya province connected to Christmas?
  4. Would you rather drive a car to Kars or a van to Van?

Answers from previous post:

  1. Turkish Bath – Hamam in Turkish or Hammam in English, Steam bath and spa originating in the Ottoman empires.
  2. Turkish Coffee – Who needs a filter or expensive machine.  Just boil it up strong in small pan.  Lately, I don’t even need a small pan, just stirring boiling hot water into coffee grounds.  Works best at sea level.
  3. Turkish Delight – Lokum in Turkish.  Sugary gummy sweet.  The best ones have flower, fruit and nut flavors.  Edmund in Chronicles of Narnia introduced many of us to Turkish Delight.
  4. Turkish Towel – This is not the fluffy towel from Bed Bath and Beyond.  This is a thin, absorbent cloth with tassels, called a Peshtemal.