A Baltic Summer 2013

No, we are not in Northern Europe.  We are celebrating September Spring in Auckland, New Zealand. This post is about our trip through the Baltic Countries in July and August 2013. I posted a couple of ideas (idea 1 and idea 2), but I never really documented our journey. This refreshes my memories and helps a little bit to pinpoint what we saw when and where.  With so many travel experiences, it gets more complicated to keep them separate.

That summer of 2013, our daughter participated in a month long summer institute at Jesus College in Cambridge University in England. During her stay there, Wife and I went exploring in Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia, along with a quick jaunt over to Finland. Here is another assortment of photos. In sorting through the files, I noticed we took many more selfies back then, partly as we were posting on Facebook. Second, it seems very slowly over six years, my photo taking has actually improved a little bit.

For the record, here is the path we followed:

Minneapolis to London Heathrow on Iceland Air with transit in Iceland.

Heathrow to Cambridge with reserved taxi (Almost same price as three long distance bus tickets and it took us with our luggage straight from the airport to the door of the hotel).

Cambridge to Paris by train, catching the Eurostar through the channel tunnel from St. Pancras station.

Paris to Riga, Latvia on Baltic Air.

Buses from Riga to Vilnius, Lithuania to Daugavpils, Latvia to Riga to Parnu, Estonia to Tallinn, Estonia, then back to Riga.

Side trips by bus included: Riga to Sigulda, Vilnius to Trakai, Tallinn to Tartu.

From Tallinn we took a ferry round trip to Helsinki.

From Riga, we flew Baltic Air back to Paris to rendevous with Daughter after her program and fly back to Minneapolis via Iceland Air.