Everyday Adventures: The Parks

Even though we are still stuck in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, we keep looking for new places to go. That is the beauty of this city. There is always something. Beyond that, I have been stuck in WordPress trying to figure out their new block formats. It seems I am better at configuring Open VPN in Puppy Linux than I am at getting my blog to look right.

I have reset my WordPress theme in hopes of improving the response time when I create a new post. Nope, that’s not where the problem is. Also, tried accessing via Microsoft’s Edge browser under Ubuntu Mate Linux. Nope that didn’t change the editing slowness, either. In fairness, I use WordPress for free and they do provide a lot of information and tutorials on how to get the best experience.

Oh well. Rather than one huge post here, I’m settling for several posts with a few photos describing our different adventures. Accept my apologies in advance if the photos load slow. I’m still working on this. It seems right clicking on a photo to open in a new tab works well if you wish to see the larger version. Of course, it is framed with WordPress advertising. 😀 😉

Parks and hiking trails are still a favorite. They are outside and easy social distancing. During weekdays with few visitors, face masks are optional except at the entry and exit

One day we hiked the Kota Damansara Community Forest Reserve. We reached it from the Kwasa Sentral MRT station by taking a Grab share taxi. The walk to the lookout at the Three Princesses Peak (Denai Tiga Puteri Peak) qualified for our weekly strenuous exercise.

View from the Three Princesses Peak

On a Sunday, we had an enjoyable outing that was not too busy at Taman Tasik Permaisuri (Empress Lake Park in Bandar Tun Razak). One section near the lake has terraces of unique plants such as these orchids.

On the north side we explored Sentul Park. There are lakes, trails, a Performing Arts Centre, a barbecue and a coffee roaster. I’m checking out the cement living room.

Joining a Happy Birthday chorus earned us a piece of cake

Sometimes we just settle for an urban park. This is the Raintree Plaza. It is a walk from the construction at the new TRX tower to Jalan Imbi in the direction of Fahrenheit88 shopping mall.

Sometimes we just count the monitor lizards on the River of Life.

Or observe the jungle reclaim the construction cranes.

Here’s an update. On May 2 from the Bukit Jalil Recreational Park. We were caught in a downpour first in a Japanese garden, then in a Chinese garden (where I snapped this photo looking from the Malay house).

The Japanese Garden (the shelter roof leaked).