Yerevan Walk

We only spent a few days in Yerevan, Armenia.  They were warm enough with temps between five and ten centigrade ( 40° – 50° F) although temperatures fell below freezing at night.  We stayed in a communist era building.  It was updated with an elevator but still kept the feel of lots of cement.  Our refurbished apartment was very convenient, well-designed, and warm.  All of these old buildings have passage ways into the inner courtyard.  In the past years art students have been painting these passages with wonderful designs.  Apparently these are the youth like these as much as I like them as we saw little grafitti.

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Our Building

Our building, right side

Along the way

We walked all over.  Here are a few photos that give an impression of our stay.  There are lots of angles to see and some interesting alternative spaces such as AEON, the anti coffee house.  Below we found our way up the Cascades and the sculpture garden.

Skyline from the top of the cascades

Swarovski New Ideas in Chandeliers

I can’t resist a cat pic