Grateful for the Technology

Sometimes there are advancements in technology that filter down to the consumer that simply astonish me. Here are a few that make me stand in awe.

Google Translate
We are in Batumi, Georgia and the clothes washer is in Russian. Using the scan option in google translate, I am seeing translations immediately without having to retype.

Washing Machine
Washing Machine in Russian
Washing Machine EN
Washing Machine in Russian, magically translated as I watch, the light purple decodes as: START and PAUSA.

Wunderground Weather Map

Georgia Weather
Up to the minute weather in Georgia, Armenia and other republics

Google Maps work in a bus and a taxi.

Google maps work even if wireless card plan not activated.
I have a SIM card from Italy. Here in Georgia, I would need to exchange for a local one to have Internet connectivity. Howerer, just having any SIM card allows Google Maps locate where I am and the streets around me.

My Neighborhood
My Neighborhood

Here are a few scenes from the streets of Batumi

May26 Park
Our Place in the center, overlooking May 26 Park
Along the Beach
Looking North from the Beach at the Caucasus Mountains.
Valentines Day
One for Valentines Day
Warm Guesthouse
View from Warm Guesthouse