Linux and Citrix Windows Escape Shortcut

This documents the Ctrl-F2 key Super(Window)-S key to break out of a Windows machine under Citrix and access other Linux Workspaces.

I access a Windows7 virtual PC through Citrix running on my Ubuntu12.04 Linux Desktop.  The Host configuration causes Windows7 to run in full screen mode on one of the Ubuntu Desktops.  The simplest way I found to escape from Citrix/Windows7 control to access Ubuntu workspaces is to first press left Ctrl/F2 together.  Then press the Superkey (Windows logo)/s together.  The Workspace switcher pops up like this:

Screen Shot after Ctrl-F2 / Super-s
Screen Shot after Ctrl-F2 / Super-s


Windows7 runs in the upper right workspace.

From here I am free to roam any work space, start other applications, close windows, and so forth by double clicking the appropriate window.  Returning to Windows7 is a simple as accessing the Workspace switcher again and double clicking on the upper right workspace.  I hope this simple trick is useful to you.  Cheers.

I categorize this as travel also because having a virtual Citrix PC at work allows me to connect to work and keep on top of situations while travelling.  I have connected not only sitting in a hotel room but on a bus between Riga and Vilnius.




A Linux / Citrix / Win7 afternoon hung up with Ctrl-Alt-Del

A dog day afternoon, hot and humid and computer maintenance.  I connected in to my office using Citrix virtual PC under Linux.  I stepped away for awhile and the security setup locked the Windows 7 welcome screen.  I tried all my tricks using Ctrl-F2 and Super keys.  Finally, I discovered a virtual keyboard can be displayed from the welcome screen.  Using that keyboard, I was able to enter the Ctrl-Alt-Del sequence and then my password.  Back in business for another day.

I clicked on the ease of access button at the bottom left, checked the Type without keyboard box, then waited patiently.  After a minute, the virtual keyboard on the right appeared, and I proceeded to mouse-click the Ctrl button, Alt button, and then the Del button revealing the password screen.  Back in business after entering my password.  Since I searched the internet forums in vain for this answer, I will add one more post about Citrix running under Linux.


I unfixed it myself

Basic Laptop

The old year is passed and for me it is a time to leave old things that have become like weights holding me back.  So here is a last huzzah showing how I used a 386 Laptop with Win3.1/Mini Linux for the last 20 years: Sending email vial AOL 2.5 (still works).  Dial-up Bulletin Board access.  Using Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) to connect to the Internet (cisco configured locally for SLIP connection). MS Works for documents, spreadsheets, databases.  Turbo C++ for programming.  Parallel port CD and Archive connection.  PC Tools for maintenance. Finally, Schach, a DOS chess program.

Mini Linux using Lynx to brows lynx homepage.
Mini Linux Internet Connection
Win 3.1 using WS-FTP to Ipswitch download site
Win 3.1 Internet Connection