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Into the Pontic Mountains, Mosques with Snow

Since Izmir, we have traveled by bus routes bordered by snow swept mountains.  The weather has been cool with lows around freezing and highs varying from 5° C (41° F) to 15° C (59° F).  After leaving Sivas for Erzurum, … Continue reading

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The Largest Mosque of Istanbul

Süleymaniye Mosque I have a hard time taking photographs that capture the atmosphere of a Mosque or Cathedral.  There is a mystical atmosphere in the filtered light, the acoustics below a dome, and the believers mixed with the curious.  I … Continue reading

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Albania Edifices

Albania was one of the staunchest communist countries and one of the last to implement a market based economy. One can feel the dynamics in the street. Enver Hoxha, the first and only leader of communist Albania, left his marks … Continue reading

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