Artifacts 3: Ballpoint Pen

A few days ago, Daughter went through her bag to get me a pen. Here’s what she found. On the right by the world map it says, “A World of Thanks.”

Dubra and Associates was John Dubra and six friends (including I) who formed a software consulting company around 1994. Here is the pen detail.

With a little exercise and cleaning the point, the little pen wrote again. Even though I probably know how this pen came to be with us in Melbourne, the journey still amazes me.

On the subject, I found a saved scan of one of my early business cards.  The tag line was: “Over 100 years of combined computer networking experience .”


feuerbachstr. 16 june 2001
I was Mr. Bow Tie in those days





I unfixed it myself

Basic Laptop

The old year is passed and for me it is a time to leave old things that have become like weights holding me back.  So here is a last huzzah showing how I used a 386 Laptop with Win3.1/Mini Linux for the last 20 years: Sending email vial AOL 2.5 (still works).  Dial-up Bulletin Board access.  Using Serial Line Internet Protocol (SLIP) to connect to the Internet (cisco configured locally for SLIP connection). MS Works for documents, spreadsheets, databases.  Turbo C++ for programming.  Parallel port CD and Archive connection.  PC Tools for maintenance. Finally, Schach, a DOS chess program.

Mini Linux using Lynx to brows lynx homepage.
Mini Linux Internet Connection
Win 3.1 using WS-FTP to Ipswitch download site
Win 3.1 Internet Connection