Lisa Ono (also XÁCARA)

Going through some old CDs found two by Lisa Ono.  That took me back to Japan and the 1990s when you could find me at the music clubs of Tokyo.  Saci Pereré in Yotsuya was one of my usual hangouts.  I talked to Lisa Ono a few times along with the other artists: Vilma, XÁCARA led by artist/composer Jun Kagami.  The manager of Xacara had worked at Banco Bradesco in Sao Paulo at the same time I had been there.  I went to a concert by Lisa Ono and as she was leaving the stage she saw me and said hello.  My modest claim to fame.

3 Jun 2016 – I update this post with a link to the Saci Perere website, a link to a Xacara youtube, and information on the leader of the group XÁCARA(シャカラ), Jun Kagami.