Wireless / Rootless in Trieste

I use an iPad for my meanderings around the city. Four weeks ago I went to a mobile shop and obtained a pay as you go mini sim using the WIND service. TIM is the other service. It is operated by Telecom Italia (Mobile). The promotion for 6 GB for 15 € (U$S 20) was too good to pass up. It allowed tethering to Wife’s ipad and to the laptop in emergency. At 3G speed, not easy to use up a Gigabyte quickly. Outside on the street, in parks, and in buses, reception is excellent. Inside the apartment is another story. This is an old building with thick walls.

From our lower floor, this is a view of my wireless access. Sometimes the iPad needs to be held just right to get connectivity. Those sessions remind me of the old days adjusting indoor TV antennas. It adds another dimension to life here.

It makes it easy to get out to see the city. A brisk 20 minute walk from our central location takes us to most of the important areas.

A. The Pirona bakery and coffee shop frequented by James Joyce.
B. The train station and bus terminal. See my day in Koper or getting things done.
C. Pedestrian street XX Setembre.
D. Grand canal, an Antonio Church, our dentist.
E. Piazza Unita with beautiful views at dusk of the sea and the turn of the century buildings.
F. San Giusto Castle where I have taken many panoramic views.
G. Engelman Garden for some contemplation time.

I might touch all of these in a single day. Maybe, I will start with

un capo in b

at the Pirona:


How did we decide to come to Trieste? What called us here? We are reading Jan Morris’ Trieste and the Meaning of Nowhere. It does not provide any answers. Instead, it leads us to some interesting questions and some interesting personalities. Not only James Joyce looked for inspiration here, so did Sir Richard Burton (the explorer). Mahler, Freud, Casanova, all spent some time here.

Author: c_in_b

The journey of a single step begins with ideas of a thousand miles.

3 thoughts on “Wireless / Rootless in Trieste”

  1. You have found your pasticceria, now you are complete.
    Is that a slice of presnitz on the plate there?

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